Vietnamese government implements coersive/preemptive tools against online expression

Sleepless dreamer

With Vang Anh pic to demonstrate the Vietnamese’s blogsphere, Laurent Francois wrote an articles bout the new rules of blogs in Vietnam. He said that it’s not a X-mas gift for all.

After Korea, it’s the confirmation of 3 elements at least:

  • online expression (blogging among others…) is now considered as a true power (forces of opposition or supporters of the legal power). Digital influence is first and foremost a real opinion power
  • the historical authority, that we thought was so-oh!-far concerning this issue, counterstrikes and establishes coercitive laws
  • we don’t talk that much about this topic in other blogospheres / webspheres (other means “other languages”), and it can feed the idea for national governments that these questions have to be solved / hushed up at the local level

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