LinkedIn’s insights on cracking social media

Must read article from iMediaConntection.

In this article, you can read some sharply opinions of Steve Patrizi, director of ad sales at LinkedIn.

One of the big mistakes we see happening is overestimating people’s tolerance for interruption and intrusion. We’ve experimented with some creative that expands too aggressively or liberally, and our members are very quick to let us know that it created a poor experience for them.

…many of our advertising partners understand that users have come to LinkedIn to be productive and successful, and that because our page design is relatively light, the best advertising has strong, relevant creative that stands on its own and speaks specifically to why the user is there and adds value to what they’re there to do.

It’s important that we don’t just lump all social networks together and assume that the same rules apply to each.

When we talk to marketers about how best to use LinkedIn, we always suggest giving a lot of thought in terms of how you can add value.

The advice we’ll give there is that you’ll gain far more brand affinity if you truly create applications that will help people be more productive and successful. The temptation will be to create an application that will be all about your own brand, and the smart advertisers will realize very quickly that that approach will fail and the right approach will be to truly add relevant value to the user experience.

The lesson here: Stoke a conversation about subjects that matter to people, not about your own brand.


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