Yeah, let’s download the book and forget M$


I told in one of my blog that I decided not to read the free ebook from Duct Tape Marketing because I need to register on M$ site and will be receveid emails I don’t want from this site. No way man.

But, but, today, I’m very happy when John said in his newest blog that

While readers appreciated the guide there were many comments on the post that didn’t appreciate the process of registering and logging in to the Microsoft Live ID system in order to download the ebook. In a demonstration that social media works – a conversation was started and the course was altered because of it – you can now download the free ebook without registration or login. Way to go crowd – way to go Microsoft!

Yeah yeah, let’s download and forget M$ because of their fault. Yeah yeah John, tks for the way you acted when the crowd spoke!


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