Digital Marketing Manager Requirement

Wert & Company is seeking Digital Marketing Manager on behalf of one of the most celebrated, global design centric brands—to plan, develop and implement the effective (next stage) use of web-based technologies in support of their global business and marketing requirements. As the primary director, creator and evaluator of public-facing web channels, this person will bring new energy and perspectives to an already well established brand—to broaden the consultancy’s online presence, and foster more meaningful digital connections worldwide. As a member of the marketing communications team, this individual will collaborate with a small team of content generators to build a cohesive future-facing plan for the firm’s corporate websites as well as commerce sites and content portals.

We Seek……
Individuals that think about ways to improve existing sites in order to better communicate the company’s capabilities, offerings and values, how can we use web-based channels to support the business
and business cases to be made for existing and future web channels?

Must have expert knowledge of social networking and trends that involve social media.
Must have In-depth understanding of viral marketing techniques
Must have Strong knowledge of UI design, information architecture, content management, and web analytics

Candidates must be champions of great design!




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